Disco Man

This is an unfinished piece of writing that I wrote with a partner during an induction day task, we have been given a homework task to develop the story into either a concept for a game, a movie pitch or a pixar style animation idea. I have chosen a movie pitch and will upload a blog post with illustrations included.

He lived in a decrepit flat, alone in the poor side of a rich town. He listened to Disco music quietly, every muscle in his body urged to move.. To dance! But he knew that he couldn’t and prayed that the music was quiet enough because otherwise the Disco Man would come knocking. He heard footsteps, maybe it was one of his neighbors; he had a lot of them living in the same giant of a housing complex. It was hard to make out the sound of the footsteps over the bustling noise of the metropolis below. The footsteps grew louder, he could tell that they had weight to them. Big clunky fashionable shoes coming towards him, he knew in an instant who it was. “oh god, its him” He grabbed

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