Induction day task-Movie Pitch

My group came up with an idea for a story set in the future where listening to music and dancing is banned by most governments so that the human race can focus on work and collecting resources.


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 13.17.29.pngCharacters:


  • The main protagonist of the story
  • Loves to dance
  • Very Lonely
  • Hates Work
  • Constantly Paranoid


  • Lovable Robot Sidekick
  • Synthetic.Production.Enforcement.Navigate and Calculate.mk3.Robot
  • Brings humor to the film
  • Works well in stressful situations
  • Has an arsenal of in built tools and weaponry

The Disco Man:

  • Antagonist
  • On a never ending search and destroy mission to eliminate all music, dancing and musical propaganda
  • Wears a 70’s disco jumpsuit, wears circular lens sunglasses, has an Afro
  • Wields two Colt Pythons
  • Has superhuman hearing and can distinguish music from background noise


Our protagonist Jim is living in a huge thriving city in north America. The movie opens with Jim being confronted by the Disco Man at his apartment, after a close call Jim escapes and seeks refuge in a building full of people whom have also had encounters with the Disco Man and been forced out of their homes. In his new home he meets Spenc3r (Synthetic.Production.Enforcement.Navigate and Calculate.mk3.Robot) a decommissioned robot designed to increase production in the workplace, Spenc3r tells him about a place where music and dancing is not oppressed. The Disco Man strikes again and Jim realizes that he is being followed. Jim teams up with Spenc3r to find the musical Eden knowing that every step he takes the Disco Man is a step behind.

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