The History of Printing

For this task we were asked to research the History of Printing and different printing processes over time, below is a timeline of Global Printing History.


The first printing process to be discovered was the WoodBlock printing process which began in 618, in  the year 868 the Diamond Sutra was printed using this technique and it became the first full length book in history. The pages were made out of wood pulp.



In 1241 Korea developed a movable cast metal that was used to print Yi Munsun chip  (an eight volume works of Yi Munsun; poet, scholar and statesman of Koreas Koryo Dynasty


Europeans started to make their first paper however the first ever paper originated in china during the early 2nd century AD


a86f59c1-a501-4d2f-942e-de6b1fba5c74WoodBlock printing became implemented in Europe, Europeans began to use this technique to create books. This is an image of the First recorded WoodBlock print to appear in Europe


Europe began to use metal plates for printing



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