Task 2 Sketches; Poster design Development

Poster 1, The Shard:

When I was making my architecture mood board the image of the shard stood out to me because of how abstract it is in comparison to the other iconic buildings in London. I wanted to make a design with the shard as I like the architecture of the building and how it fits into the London skyline even with its controversial size and shape, I noticed that the London festival of architecture hadn’t used the shard on any of their previous designs as it is a relatively new addition to the city so i tried implementing it in my first design.img_20161212_164155img_20161212_164209

I started by doing some simple layout sketches and going over them with fine liner.

I decided that the image would look better with the shard on the left hand side



img_20161212_165319img_20161212_165305I then experimented with having the rest of the skyline at the bottom of the image to further highlight the superiority of the shard. but ended up just going with the shard on its own.




img_20161212_162831img_20161212_165312In the final step I chose to use the same poly technique that we have used for a previous task. I drew one layout design and one Fine liner sketch with colour pencils. I like how it looks on paper although it didn’t turn out exactly how i wanted it to on the final digital design and in hindsight I should have stuck with the skyline idea.


Poster 2, Skyline:

After realizing that I wanted to use the skyline for my design I decided to make my design  two based on the skyline itself and not highlight any certain building. I tried positioning the skyline in several different ways before I was happy with what I came up with.

I then decided to implement the idea that the top half would be an image of the Victorian Era skyline and the bottom half would be the modern equivalent to show the progression of Londons Architecture over the years.


Poster 3, Red Sky Cathedral:andre-chiote-arch-poster-4-mac

For this design I drew most of my inspiration from an image in my Architecture Poster Mood Board, I really like the contrast of colours in this image and already had a good idea of what i wanted to do when I saw it. I in visioned the poster design as St Pauls Cathedral but photo shopped to look in the style of this Architecture poster.


I first started by Sketching St Pauls Cathedral to see how it would look with  a simplistic design. I then did everything else digitally on photoshop using a google image of the Cathedral and editing it to the style of the poster. (See Task 3)

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