Task 3, Digital Design

Poster 1:

captureistock_000027573137mediumSo for this design I started with an image that I found that looks similar to the sketch that I did:

I then edited the image by moving the shard to the left (lining it up with the rule of three grid) hand side and replacing the buildings with clouds .


capture01I then made a poly design on it using the polygonal lasso tool and an action that blurs the selected area:

I then added a title, the date and the logo.

Final Design

Poster 2

capture2-2capture2-1For the skyline design I started by finding an image of the skyline in Victorian era and one from the Modern era, I then traced over these images in adobe illustrator and imported them to Photoshop.

I put the Victorian Era on the top and the modern on the bottom, I then decided to add a gradient because it would look a lot more pleasing to the eye than a sudden cut off to white.


capturev2-3Then all I had to do was find a font that I thought suited the poster, add the logo and date and it was finished.

The first font I chose because it suits the Victorian style skyline and the second font I chose because it has a more modern look but still retains some curves and style from the first font.

I made sure to add a bleed and a margin so that the printing process would be easier.


Poster 3

capture02andre-chiote-arch-poster-4-macFor my final design I found an image of St Pauls Cathedral online, I then re sized it to fit the shape of a poster. I then created a separate layer and filled the sky in red and the building i filled in with the same colour as the building on the architecture poster. I then highlighted certain areas that were darker or more detailed and filled them in with the brown colour from the windows.


Unfortunately my screenshots from the process were lost so my next progress screenshot is quite far ahead. I added a black bar along the bottom where i plan to put my title, date and logo.

Finally i added the cloud from the original poster in 2 different positions. to make the design a bit fuller.

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