Task 4, Evaluation


Out of my three final designs I chose my Red Sky Design to Submit because I put a lot more work into it and I think it looks the most professional. I decided to use an image from my architecture poster mood board , I really liked the colour composition and the style of the poster. I wanted to make it look simplistic but stylish. I like how the blue and the gold on the cathedral contrast the vivid red colour of the sky. I chose the font that I did because i think it stands out and draws the viewers eye to it. I didn’t want to use the same font and composition as the reference poster because I think it looks quite plain and small to read, It defiantly doesn’t draw the eye.redskycapture

skylinedesignMy second favourite design was inspired by the London skyline as a whole, I did some research into other poster designs and they all seemed to only have one skyline at the bottom of the image so i wanted to try having 2 skylines. I started out by experimenting with different skyline compositions but in the end i settles for simply having one at the bottom and one at the top. For the top skyline silhouette I chose an image of Victorian Era London and for the bottom I had one of Modern Era London, I chose to add a gradient in between these two skylines to represent how architecture has progressed over the years. I was worried that having two skylines of London would look too similar. I decided to have the poster mainly in black and grey because it could be interpreted to represent either the Industrial uproar in the Victorian Era or a sleek and modern design, it works well for both worlds. Finally the font that I used I chose because I think they match with the style of the poster. The Font at the top I chose because it looks of the period and pairs with the Victorian skyline nicely. The Font used for the word Architecture caught my eye because of the subtle greek style, whenever I think of architecture I think of greek pantheons and pillars. I thought the font had a nice greek style to it while still looking modernistic and professional.istock_000027573137medium

For my third design I wanted to use the shard because it stood out to me from my architecture mood board, I think it has the perfect combination of modern elegance and innovation. I first experimented with the positioning of the shard but ended up putting in on the left side of the poster to follow the rule of thirds. I used a low poly photoshop technique to make the main design and for the background I edited the sky on the original image to fit the new building position, for the font I just used a generic modern font with a bit of curves for style but in hindsight wasn’t focusing on the font too much and would defiantly change it had I done it again..polyshardfinaldesign

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