Hud’s in Existing Racing Games

Need for speed 2015:

I enjoy the simplicity of this Hud design, when a game designer wants players to focus on gameplay they will try to make other aspects of the game less daunting. The last thing a player wants is to be confused by all the different numbers and symbols on their screen. The Hud blends in really well with the overall atheistic of the game92d90a76d28a91e11f6cf62dc13a9b23

The pros that I can see are: Simplistic, Easy to follow, stylish design.

And the only cons that I can see for this Hud is the map being a little bit too small/awkward angle and the font being too plain. 3b50b6a5785b572a0ad74265f269cbb3









Forza Motorsport 7:

This Hud takes ‘simplistic’ to the extreme, Although it compliments the graphics of the game nicely by giving the player more space to view their surroundings I personally think that this is too simplistic to be able to follow what is happening. The speed gauge is just a tiny number on the bottom of the screen and the same can be said for the Position and Laps text. As a player I think this would take a bit of getting used to but once you do you can appreciate the visuals and game play.



This game has a different theme to most racing games and it’s only appropriate that the Hud theme is different too, it is obvious that the Hud is designed to look more futuristic/sci-fi themed and I think that the designers have done this very well. This style helps to immerse the player in the theme of the game as well as relaying information effectively and clearly. The speedometer is much different to the other ones we have seen; the layout has been changed to a bar that curves up at the end as oppose to the standard circular speed meter that appears on every other racing game. This game also gives the players the ability to pick up powerups that help them in the race, at the top center of the screen the current powerup is clearly visible and will disappear when the player has used it. Lastly I would like to point out how the composition of the Hud creates a pleasant symmetrical aesthetic, this draws the players eye to the center of the screen where the vehicle is.


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