Animation Treatment: 2d animation

The title of my animation is ‘Woodpecker’.

My project will be a Short film as it is being produced for ‘A sense of hope’ Animation competition and must be 90 seconds or under, I am aiming to produce about 30 seconds to 1 minute of animation. My target audience will be relatively young as it is themed around hope, I do think however that people of all ages will be able to appreciate the message that it sends and the cartoon art style.

At the beginning the camera pans across the backdrop and zooms into the characters house, there is a viking chopping logs when he notices a bird sining. He see’s that the bird is hurt and decides to do something about it; he removes his helmet and places it on a log so that the bird can use it as a nest while it heals. The next 10/15 seconds of animation show the healing process sped up with backgrounds changing as the weather and surroundings do, the animation ends with the bird taking flight and the viking placing his helmet back on and continuing to work away.

My main character is a lumberjack living a quiet life in a small viking settlement, his job is to chop wood for the townspeople. He lives on the top of a hill on the outskirts of the village and doesn’t get many visitors; this influences him to show affection for the injured woodpecker as he see’s similarities between himself and the bird.

My animation will focus on cameras moving/panning more than character movement, a large proportion of the shots will be made up of a background and one or two objects in the front that move or change form. For example: the initial 10 seconds of animation will be purely just zooming in and changing backgrounds.

I am going to create a short and subtle tune that plays in the background, there will be several other noises such as bird singing, wood chopping and ambient rain noises. I might also record a few noises myself to use for the Viking’s grunting sounds as well as a “Huh” when he notices the bird has stopped singing. I may also record foley sound effects for the bird thumping to the ground.

I have chosen this idea because I had a much clearer vision of what it would look like compared to my other draft ideas. I think I will have a bit of difficulty with this project as I have never used adobe animate before and will have to practice making vector objects and drawing in adobe illustrator, but it will be a good learning experience and help me in future projects. I am going to learn how to use adobe illustrator more efficiently and will have to learn the basics of adobe animate.

I have looked at several animations by independent studios that are using the same basic resources that we are, this has given me more insight to the production process and helped me understand the level of work required to create a short animation.

For this project I will need; A sketchbook, pencils, a computer, adobe photoshop, illustrator and animate. I have also acquired a sketchpad to help me transfer and develop my sketchbook ideas into digital work, this is also a helpful tool for early ideas development too.

I think one of the problems that I will encounter is my perfectionism, with projects like these I tend to want everything looking perfect from the beginning and so I spend too much time on one particular thing and end up with unfinished work. I will try to overcome this by following my schedule that I have made and not dwelling on one aspect of the process.

I plan to make everything from scratch but I may use things such as illustrator brushes that creators have made to help other people with their projects, I might also use some sound files and effects to speed up the production process. If I do use someone else’s work/resources in my project I will make sure to credit them for assisting me.

If I were to give myself a budget for creating this animation I would have to buy or rent adobe software, I would also consider the cost of buying a sketchpad. If I truly wanted to I could purchase resources such as top quality sounds or adobe stock kits to make a professional looking animation.

I think that this animation will take me 8 to 10 weeks to complete, the research and design process should take around 2 to 3 weeks, the animation will take 4 to 5 weeks leaving 1 week for the soundtrack and any problems that occur.


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