Stop Motion Animation Treatment

For my animation I have been given the letter N, I will try to convey this by having the letter clearly shown at the end of the 5 seconds, I have chosen to use lego pieces to build the letter out of. I also would like to give it a theme; for the theme I have decided on ‘Ninja’ this is because I have some old Ninja legos at home and I will be able to build the letter based on this theme. To make the animation I will use a tripod and an Iphone camera, I am going to set up the props on my desk and film it from there. I am going to use a method where I build the letter first and then take it apart, I can then reverse the footage later to make it look like it is being constructed, this makes the filming process a lot easier as I wont have to move the set as much. I will set up a plain white background using sheets of paper to create a better contrast between the colours and make them pop out.

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