2D Animation: Woodpecker


What went well:

After getting feedback from my classmates I think that the art style of the animation was good. My peers enjoyed the detail put into the props and scenery.

I personally agree with this feedback as it was the most time consuming part of the animation process, in hindsight I perhaps shouldn’t have put so much time and effort into the backgrounds as I did, this didn’t leave me with enough time to finish the animation to a high quality.

What needs improvement:

My classmates and I agree that the animation is too short and unfinished, as this was my first animation I struggled with time management. In future projects I will need to think about this and plan out my time a bit better.

My first experience:

This was my first experience at creating a full length 2d animation, aside from the tutorials that we did in class I haven’t used the animation software before. I do however have experience in using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, these programs helped me create my background and assets that I needed to start animating. The program that i’ve used to make my animation is Adobe Animate, I did not previously have any experience with this program and I had to learn how to use it for this project

In comparison:

In comparison with the animation I have researched (The Reward) I believe I have created a professional looking animation, it is not on the same level of quality but I think that the way it is presented to the viewer is professional. The smoothness of the camera movement and subtle transitions make my animation flow well, similar to the one I have researched.


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