Stop Motion Animation

This is my stop motion animation, I was given the letter N as a theme and had to base my animation around that. I decided that I wanted to use lego as it is easy to position characters and build props out of. I went with a Ninja theme to represent the letter N and had two ninjas work together to build the letter. Originally I was going to have them build it from scratch but In the end I decided that I would have two towers and connect them to make the letter.

I found this task quite difficult as It was hard to take photos while not moving the camera whatsoever, as you can see in the animation any subtle movement comes out quite clear. In my animation the camera appears to move quite a lot and this is definitely something that I would like to improve in future projects.

In the end I think the animation turned out quite well. it isn’t as professional looking as i would like but the character movement is smooth and the letter N is clear to see.

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