Jobs and Industries that use 3d Design/ Models


There are many industries that use 3D modeling, with the recent uprise of the 3D printer, 1000’s of jobs are now available for 3D modelers and designers. This includes:

  • Entertainment. One of the most obvious places you can see the use of 3D modeling growing is in the entertainment field. 3D design is used in every modern television show or film.
  • Gaming. The gaming industry is worth over $100 Billion by 2017, this has provided millions of jobs with many of them including 3D modeling.
  • Architecture. Architects use 3d modeling programs to put their ideas into a 3D space, this allows them to see mistakes they might have made or add new features that would have been hard to plan on paper. They also have the option to 3D print their designs and display them.

Automotive Industry:

How is 3D used in the Automotive industry? What are the jobs available?

The automotive industry, along with many others, has had a severe impact with the rise of 3D printing. Mechanical components that previously needed many machines and a lot of time are resources to create can now be printed by one machine all at the press of a button. This has given the industry a large boost in production and efficiency.

An image of the ‘URBEE 2’ in production, this car is made using only 3D printed components.

Although this may have made certain jobs and roles in the industry obsolete, it has opened the door for new jobs such as; 3D printer operator, component designer, and 3D modeler. Including all the potential jobs in the future if the production of cars completely made up of 3D printed components takes off; spare part retailers, advertisers,  and many new opportunities for current 3D designers to make improvements and enhance the industry.

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