Work Experience:

For my formal College work experience I worked as a temporary designer at Easyfairs. I assisted the Creative Design Manager in her day to day tasks, these included: Making and Resizing digital banners for company expos, creating thumbnails and website backgrounds, creating a logo wall and a few simple tasks such as changing the text on files and saving JPEG copies of multiple files.

My first task was to create multiple banners with different sizes for the Tank Storage Asia expo in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. I was given the logo and some images and was asked to re create the original design in different sizes. I experimented with the image placement and the style composition.

TSA17_Banner400x200_  TSA17_Banner170x250_

This is another example of the banner re-sizing’s that I did, this one has a more complex background and the blue box on the right hand side had to be extending from the right edge across all sizes.Lab17BannerExhibitor_728x90(B3)_Lab17Banner_600x125_


I was also asked to create a logo wall using two different logos and later adding hashtags underneath each logo. Unfortunately, I do not have an image of the final design which includes the hashtags and contact information about the company in the bottom right corner. The key element of this task was to make sure the logos and the hashtags lined up.

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