Task 2: Story and Game Concept


For my side-scrolling game, I am going to have the player start in a village and eventually make his way into a cave where the game reaches its conclusion. The game is set in a fantasy version of 12th Century Europe, all of the clothing, props, and architecture will be of that era. The fantasy elements will include health potions, spells, and fantasy enemies. To begin with, the background will be mostly light green and bright colours in the village, as the game gets closer to the ending the colour palette becomes much darker and redder. There will be 3 main stages to the game, the player begins stage 1 in a village, the background and props are all designed around a 12th century village. Stage 1 ends in a woodland after progressing through grassy hills at the end of the village. Stage 2 begins where stage one ends (in the woodland), but as you go deeper into the woods the forest thickens up and becomes much darker. The final stage will begin at a cave entrance where stage 2 ends. Stage 3 will have the player progressing downwards as well as sideways. The player will delve into the cave, passing unique backgrounds including cave houses and underground dungeons.02f_1050


My main character is a retired knight who was previously in service to a high lord. He is no longer in service but he still likes to wear his armour and carry his sword for safety. He covers his face with a large helmet because of his many scars and wounds he has gained over the years, the common people have come to recognise his unique helm and feel safer in his presence. He was knighted for his loyalty to the realm and its people, fighting in many wars and defending the kingdom from foreign invaders.



Our main character is walking out of town when he is attacked by several armed bandits hoping to take his valuable weapons and armour. After the player defeats the bandits you move on through the countryside. You encounter several enemies such as raiders and wild dogs. The story takes a darker turn when you enter a forest, you discover that the enemies he is fighting are the remnants of people he has previously killed in battle, these come in forms such as ghosts and reanimated corpses. Determined to put his past behind him the knight ventures on into the fray. The story will end when you kill the final boss – a necromancer with ranged attacks and the ability to summon minions.


The game is a 2d side scroller, the main objective is to defeat all the enemies in your path and reach the final boss. You will be able to pick up coins along the way that increase your score and you can also pick up health potions that heal you. The enemies will be increasingly harder to kill as the game progresses and after each stage, you can upgrade your helmet and weapon if you have enough gold giving you bonuses such as more health and damage for the next stage.



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