Maya Basics

These are some shortcut keys that we have learned in Maya to help speed up our workflow:
Q: General selection
W: Move tool
E: Rotate
R: Scale
D: Allows you to change the Pivot point
Magnet Tools (Snap tools) are used to move objects by snapping them into place such as ‘Snap to grid’
‘Snap to grid’
The ‘outliner box is a helpful window that allows you to find objects and cameras.
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 09.53.44

Channel Box:

Using the channel box you can apply settings to keyframes and objects you have made.



Here are some keywords that are important to learn for future reference.

-Edges (two vertices joined together)
Non-uniform rational basis spline


  • Root joint
  • Parent joint
  • Sibling joint
  • Child joint
  • Current joint.

how to rig pic skeleton

Maya uses a ‘Cartesian’ grid system
Maya can be used in many different environments;
  • Gaming
  • Film and tv
  • Art
  • Military

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