Maya Spaceship


Today we learned the basics of Maya and used these skills to create a simple spaceship design, my spaceship started off as a simple cube which I manipulated with the ‘Extrude’ tool under the components section of the ‘modeling toolkit’.


To start the design I simply moved the cube into the air and widened it by selecting two opposite sides and extruding outwards. From this I now had multiple faces that I could extrude in any direction, I decided to make the spaceship quite linear so I extruded the front of the cube lengthways and started to add sloping extrusions that give the spaceship a more realistic shape. I then wanted to add depth to the ship so I extruded several faces outwards again and added more details and slopesCapture3


I noticed that the bottom of the ship was a bit chunky so I decided to add more depth and detail by creating a new line with the ‘Multi-cut’ tool. This allowed me to extrude halfway through the spaceship. I then used this to create further detail and depth.Capture4

The finished design came out quite nicely, I would like to add more detail in the future as I learn more in Maya.Capture6


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