Project Setup, Asset Management and Topology.

How to set up a project in Maya:

To start off you need to select File > Project Window, once in the project window click ‘New’. The project window will display all of the default project locations and names, you can clear all of these by selecting Edit > Clear Settings.

Enter the name for your current project in the ‘Current project text box’. Then select a location for your project file by clicking the browse icon to the right of location. Click ‘Accept’ to save your changes and close the project window, project directories and sub-directories will be created if they don’t exist.

Asset Management in Maya:

Asset management is a key skill to use in any industry, it saves time and increases the workflow. If you have proper asset management you will be able to locate all of your assets and understand what they do, when working in a 3D environment this is important because it can get confusing trying to find certain objects or figure out what one of your assets does.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.22.44

The importance of Topology:

Topology in 3D is the layout of the model, how the vertices and edges form together to create a mesh. Having good topology is important because it can affect the frames per second of your project and also the rendering times, certain problems will arise when rendering if you have poor topology.

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