Shapes Animation

Before I started animating I have to set the FPS (Frames per second), to do this I went to Window > Settings > Preferences and then set the frames per second to 24. After this, I made three shapes (a cube, a cone and a sphere) and positioned them on one side of the grid, spaced apart. The goal of the animation is to have all three shapes reach the other side of the grid at different times, the cube after 1 second, the sphere after 2 seconds and the cone after 3. shapes

To start off with I added the keyframes that mark the starting and ending position of each object. To make the starting keyframe you have to click on the timeline at the bottom at frame 0, you then click object you would like to animate and go to the channel box in the top right. Once you see the details for the object simply right click ‘Translate X’ (Because the object will travel on the x-axis) And then click ‘Key Selected.zTo make the finishing keyframe you select 24 on the timeline (1 Second of animation) and then input a number into the ‘Translate X’, in my case I put -10 because that is where the Cube would end up, and then you simply click ‘Key Selected like you did before.

I then repeated this process for the other two shapes, the starting keyframe would stay the same as the cube as all the shapes start in the same place. However, the ending keyframes are put on frame 48 for the sphere and 72 for the cone, this is done so that each object finishes moving a second after the last.

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