Logo Design

Logos are an essential part of a companies branding, a logo is something that a company uses to represent themselves, logo’s have to be catchy and memorable in order to attract an audience and create a recognisable brand image. In more recent times logos have become more simplified with minimalistic features, this gives a more memorable and professional look.

In current times there are logos everywhere, a good logo has to draw the viewers eye to compete with other brands and companies. Most logos you see today will include bright colours and abstract curves, these features often stand out, especially when viewed digitally. The five principals of effective logo design are; Simplicity, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, Appropriate. The first of these principals is very important as it can affect how memorable or versatile the logo is, if the logo is too cluttered or complex then it can be easily forgotten and may not fit into different environments (such as banners or products).

Memorability is something you need to think about when designing a logo because if people cant remember what the logo looks like then they will not be able to identify your business. A logo design being ‘Timeless’ means that it must not look too dated and still be effective in 10 years time, many companies have updated their logos recently to fit into the digital world. However if a logo is updated multiple times then it may no longer become recognisable, if a company is going to do this then they must make sure they keep some of the core elements from the original logo. A logo must also be ‘Versatile’ this means it needs to fit into multiple environments such as; A poster, a banner, a website, a thumbnail etc. The final Design principle is ‘Appropriate’, a logo must be appropriate to the company otherwise it is pointless. Smart logo designs will involve a product or service in their logo, this gets the viewer thinking about the product/service straight away.

Here are some examples of good logo design:

This logo is appropriate to the service they provide, the viewer can identify immediately that this is a moving company that helps people move houses.
This logo is easily identified as the ‘Nike’ tick. It links with their motto ‘Just do It’. Their whole brand is based around motivation and progression in the sports industry, making them one of the biggest brands to date.


This logo is one that I find most memorable, I use the internet every day of my life and google chrome is one of the primary tools for browsing the web. This logo is distinctive for its colour scheme and unique style, circular logos are the most versatile and can be used in many different places.


This logo is extremely vibrant (especially when paired with the drink itself). This helps it stand out from other drinks in the store. The sharp edges and contrasting colours make this logo abstract. Many other soft drink logos have bubbly, curvy designs, mountain dew have decided to embrace the vibrant colour of their drink and make a logo that reflects their decision.

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