Maya Column Tutorial

For our second Maya task, we were asked to create a column. I began by making the base of the column, I made a cube polygon and set the ‘y’ scale to 0.15. I then moved the pivot to the bottom of the vertex in the middle of the shape, this allowed me to move the shape up to the surface with accuracy by using the ‘snap to grid’ feature.02-mayalt-interface-overview-12Once the base was created and in the right position I made the pillar itself, for this I needed to use the cylinder shape, I then applied the following settings to the shape in the channel box:

Radius = 0.4
Height = 8
Subdivision axis = 32
Subdivision height = 1
Subdivision caps = 1

I once the pillar was created I had to put it in place, for this I used the same method as the base, starting by moving the pivot point to the bottom of the shape and then moving the shape upwards.


Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 20_25_30I then finished the column shape by adding a ‘Torus’ shape to the top of the pillar. This gives the authentic greek column look to the shape.screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-20-28-55.png

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