Game Trailer Ideas

This blog post will be research/reference for the live action game trailer we will be making. Here is where I will come up with ideas for different games and later present them to my group.

Hotline Miami:

I chose to make a trailer concept for this game because I really like the theme and I think its quite possible to achieve a professional looking trailer with a small number of props and video editing.



The game is set in 1989, the story follows an assassin who answers his phone with a cryptic message each day telling him where the next location/target will be. A large amount of the game takes place in between levels in the killer’s apartment where the main character resides and waits for the next call, there are subtle changes to the apartment throughout the game that fit with the story.

For the trailer, I think it would be a good idea to focus on what happens in between missions, partly because the gameplay would be ridiculous in real life but also because It is a nice way to give context to customers without blowing their minds. The pacing of the trailer will have to be quite slow since it will just be the character arriving home, washing up, taking a phone call and then leaving again (or hanging his stuff up and going to bed, can decide on details later in production). How I imagine the trailer starting is a low shot of the front door opening and the character stepping into the house and starting to put his things away, the camera should stay below his shoulders so as not to reveal the face/mask. There will be multiple shots such as a close up of a gloved hand putting keys down on a counter, boots being taken off, a weapon being put away etc. All of this will lead up to the character entering the bathroom and washing blood off his hands in the sink, a top-down birdseye view of the sink would be best for this scene since it allows the viewer to see what is going on in the sink as well as keeping the face/mask secret, perhaps at the end of this scene the camera could pan down revealing the mirror and the character walking out of the bathroom in the reflection. Some of that might be a little too complex and unrealistic to produce with the time and resources available.

On his way out the character takes his mask off and hangs it up somewhere or puts it down, the character will then sit down at a desk or on a couch, we would see the back of his head as he starts to relax in his seat. After a few seconds of peace there will be a loud ominous phone ringing noise, once again there will be multiple dynamic shots of the character making his way to the phone, some could reveal scenery within the house, I want there to be one shot that lasts for 10 seconds or so that follows the character from the waist down. To break up the shot we could cut to other shots in between giving some side views or simply showing some inanimate objects around the house.

The character will answer the phone and listen the voice give him obscure details such as “The neighbours are making noise, all 12 of them” or something like that which will be confusing but also compelling to the viewer. After the message is complete the character will walk back down the corridor, find and put on his mask (This time there will be a mid shot above the characters waist revealing some sort of animal mask being put on). The final shot of the trailer will be a long/mid shot of the character stood next to the door, picking up his baseball bat (or some form of blunt weapon), stuffing his keys into his pocket and then exiting the front door. Then cue the game title ‘Hotline Miami’ and title sequence.

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