Maya Obstacle Course Animation Evaluation.

My obstacle course project has taught me a lot about animating in Maya, skills in asset management and more knowledge on Maya topology.

As part of the assignment, we created a character in Adobe Fuse that reflects our appearance and personality, this character would then be animated inside Maya completing an obstacle course. The character design in Adobe Fuse went well and I am happy with the character that I created, unfortunately the character file didn’t quite work inside Maya so I had to use a ‘Barry Rig’. This is something that I would like to have done differently in the project as the character design was quite a large part of the process and it is not shown in the final product.

Starting the animation was a tricky process, after a few failed attempts at auto rigging the character I finally got him in the right position with working limbs and joints. Once this was set up I started to animate according to my blocking sheets which showed movements and timestamps. The barry character was a lot bigger than I expected so I had to change a few of the movements that I planned, this was not necessarily a bad thing because it made animating the entire assault course more doable and also many of the movements more realistic.

I like how the animation turned out, although the character is a blank barry he still conveys a lot of character through his movements, I made sure the animation wasn’t boring or generic by making some of the movements quite ridiculous and flamboyant. I wanted the animation to stand out while still sticking to the brief and I believe I have achieved this, therefore, am happy with the outcome. There are a few things I would have done differently given more time/resources such as: Setting up my Fuse character properly in Maya with textures and colour, decorating the environment to complement the character and add some form of a story, finishing the obstacle course (I had to finish it early because the rig started to break after I made certain movements).

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