‘Actor Follows Camera Shot’

After watching peaky blinders I became inspired to try out a style of filming where the actor follows the cameraman, I think this shot would work perfectly for a scene in my short film.

I will use this type of shot to depict the character’s breakdown towards the climax of the film, the character will be in distress and the viewer will be able to see this clearly. This also presents a great opportunity to use after effects to overlay drawings/animations over the footage, we were thinking of including ‘Grime art’ in our film somewhere and this shot seems like a good opportunity.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any other footage of this style of shot or even a name for it, people have called it the ‘Don Juan Technique’

I recorded the video from Netflix and uploaded it to youtube, the video is unlisted and only viewable through this blog post, I do not own this content. Im purely using this video as an example.

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